All of our dancing School supplies excellent dancing tuition in San Jose.

All of our dancing School supplies excellent dancing tuition in San Jose.

Bay Dancing Academy The Nutcracker 2021

The Nutcracker

Three Performances Only

We are thrilled to announce Bay dancing Academy’s special production of The Nutcracker in San Jose. It will require location within Historic Hoover theatre within the Rose backyard on Nov. 26 & 27, 2021. The Nutcracker try a full-length dancing with gorgeous dancing, pro performers, and spectacular costumes and sets that can be treasured by entire family. You should never overlook this cherished classic trip tradition!

Dancing tuition from increasing Ballet Academy – youngsters are back again to the party business Now!

Dancing Tuition in San Jose from increasing Ballet Academy

Bay dancing Academy offers professional ballet tuition in San Jose. We’re located in the area of Canoas landscaping next to Willow Glen in southern area Bay, CA. The dancing college specializes in traditional ballet process to college students of every age group, dimensions, and experience amount. We also have various other party design classes and instruction eg lyrical, modern, modern, jazz, and hiphop. The party business has sprung Marley surfaces, wooden barres, big decorative mirrors, and sound system. Additionally there is lots of parking areas for all the students. The dance heart concentrates into the growth of a very good ancient ballet approach. We shell out specific awareness of details such as for example human anatomy pose and legs location. We additionally concentrate to improve real power and mobility. Specially pertinent, we encourage art and audio gratitude to inculcate development and joy as a performing musician. The purpose of the classical dance academy would be to give you the best dancing sessions in San Jose. Dancing theatre try all of our warmth!

Maximo Califano – Ballet Class Director

Dancing tuition in San Jose from increasing Ballet Academy with Maximo Califano movie director and primary dancing instructor

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