Sex: Both zodiac signs find it hard to open themselves up and be vulnerable, which can cause problems in bed

Sex: Both zodiac signs find it hard to open themselves up and be vulnerable, which can cause problems in bed

Taurus and Scorpio

Love: A relationship between Taurus and Scorpio should be based on a deep romantic connection, or else they may never leave the friendship stage. While Taurus can easily capture Scorpio’s attention, their shared qualities of being stubborn and jealous can lead to a lack of trust.

Sex: Their attraction to each other is high, and since both are sexual creatures by nature, sex between these signs can become emotional. Taurus wants their needs met, and Scorpio is more than happy to do this, as long as Taurus is open to trying new things, and Scorpio remains gentle.

Long-term Relationships and Marriage: For two signs who place such a high value on loyalty, Taurus’s compatibility with Scorpio means this couple have a lot to learn when it comes to trusting each other.

Scorpio doesn’t trust anyone at first, and when they suspect, they may start acting suspiciously themselves, setting off Taurus’ red flags, and then Taurus starts to act strange. If they can get past this awkward stage and become truly comfortable with each other, their romantic relationship is sure to become legendary.

Taurus and Sagittarius

It’s hard to stay together for long when Taurus can’t understand why Sagittarius won’t sit still and focus, and Sagittarius is so easily bored by Taurus’ predictable routine. Taurus is set in their ways and will not take to Sagittarius’ need to change constantly.

Neither understands the needs of one another, and in the event of a rare sexual connection between these two, it would only be possible if Taurus becomes less rigid and Sagittarius learns to slow down and appreciate physical pleasure.

Long-term Relationships and Marriage: They have a lot to offer each other at first, and will probably remain great friends throughout their lives, but there’s not a lot there to hold them together in a committed relationship.

There is a chance of a long-lasting relationship or even marriage if they start as friends and build a deeper connection over years, or even decades.

Taurus and Capricorn

Love: The Taurus/Capricorn couple might not be able to satisfy each other emotionally, but when it comes to getting things done, they have the potential to build an empire together.

If there is a sense of motivation from Taurus, and excitement from Capricorn, there is potential. These two would also make great business partners if there is no romance.

Taurus wants a tender approach, while Capricorn is highly attracted to physical activity, but they can form a strong sexual bond if they respect each other’s individual needs.

Long-term Relationships and Marriage: The possibility of a strong marriage is there, but only if they’re both willing to take emotional risks and tell each other exactly what they really want.

These two signs are devoted and loyal and are likely to try their best to make the other happy. That is if they know what needs to be done.

Taurus and Aquarius

Taurus likes to set boundaries and follow a routine, while Aquarius’s very nature is that of chaos and change. Taurus is materialistic, grounded, and possessive; Aquarius values ideas and can’t stand to be tied down.

Sex: Taurus, who is all about a slow and gentle approach to sex, is completely turned off by Aquarius’ distant nature.

Because there is a lack of creativity between these two in the bedroom, there is a low chance of sexual compatibility. The only way to find pleasure with one another is if Taurus teaches Aquarius what they want, and Aquarius puts in even an ounce of energy.

Long-term Relationships and Marriage: Even if Gemini is faithful in a marriage, they can’t help but flirt with others, which is not something Taurus will put up with.

Long-term Relationships and Marriage: While Taurus and Libra have many things in common with their shared hobbies and interests, and have an appreciation for the beauty of the world, this couple is likely to drift apart before they drive each other crazy. Without warmth and understanding, a long-lasting relationship cannot happen.

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